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I live in Los Angeles because I love Florence, Italian manager in the States says

Lorenzo Lisi is an Italian manager who has chosen to move to the American West Coast to help Italian companies enter the American market. No rhetoric ... simply and pragmatically an Italian who moved to the States because he deeply loves his country and his beautiful Florence.
Interviewed by Soft Power (, the Italian blog of institutional relations, he declared "Since I was a child the charm of the Californian beaches combined with the climate and the beautiful people of Hollywood Cinema have won me over. I have always been attracted by the so-called 'American dream', that is to say by the possibilities of work and success that the American system places at the base of its rules. It was absolutely not a forced choice, I came to Los Angeles - like so many others before me - to bring the Italian spirit and the made in Italy so much appreciated at these latitudes.
Lisi helps Italian companies to enter the U.S. market, to those who turn to him he advises "The American market needs to see the presence in its territory of foreign companies who want to do business, it is a matter of credibility and solidity that is transmitted by the physical presence and that American buyers need to perceive. Opening a company in the United States is extremely easy and very fast, you can be operational in 10 days, but in the face of this 'simplicity' you need to have a clear and effective plan avoiding improvisation. "
Born and raised in Florence, where his parents and friends still live today, Lorenzo Lisi moved to California, Los Angeles, where he founded the company Rome to LA, which deals with Business Consulting, or financial, tax, legal and commercial consulting for Italian companies wishing to enter the American market.
Lorenzo Lisi is not nostalgic, "Being away from my country gives me one more motivation to give the best of myself in everything I do. My professional life in the United States has given me a lot, both in terms of quality of life and in my professional and private relationships, but it wouldn't have been the same if I hadn't been a 'product of Made in Italy' in my turn. We could therefore say, in the end, that I live in the United States because I love Italy and I am proud to represent it in the largest world market in which we are present.